Peter (pk95051)

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    Looking for a: Woman

    Age: 66 (02-27-1955)

    City/Town: Santa Clara

    Postal Code: 95051

    Country: United States   United States

    A Little About Me

    I am honest to a fault. How can honesty be a fault you may ask? We all say we want honesty, but this is not absolutely true because sometimes the truth is not easy to hear. Some enjoy waving honesty like a big club that they use to hurt you. I have heard the phrase “I’m brutally honest”. I avoid these folks, because why would you want to be brutal with someone? I am gentle in my truth telling and will refrain from revelations for as along as I can to give those I care about time to figure things out. But I might jump in if I think the truth may prevent hurt or harm.

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